North To The Night


Four months later, unexpected events would trap Simon alone on his boat, frozen in ice miles from the nearest settlement, with the long polar night stretching into darkness for months to come.

A Spiritual Odyssey in the Arctic

North to the Night: A Spiritual Odyssey in the Arctic Paperback – September 14, In June Alvah Simon and his wife, Diana, set off in their foot sailboat to explore the hauntingly beautiful world of icebergs, tundra, and fjords lying high above the Arctic Circle. Editorial Reviews. Review. Following his "Arctic dreams" that began with a Buy North To The Night: Read Kindle Store Reviews -

With his world circumscribed by screaming blizzards and marauding polar bears and his only companion a kitten named Halifax, Simon withstands months of crushing loneliness, sudden blindness, and private demons. Trapped in a boat buried beneath the drifting snow, he struggles through the perpetual darkness toward a spiritual awakening and an understanding of the forces that conspired to bring him there. He emerges five months later a transformed man.

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The Simons live… More about Alvah Simon. Though set in the dark, long Arctic winter, North to the Night is filled with illumination.

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Some parts hard to believe: As Alvah described his bouts with seeming insanity and irrationality, I wondered how long it would take him to realize it was CO poisoning. North To The Night. Reviewed as "best book I've read this millenium! Not only an adventure of the body but also of the spirit, the book both fascinates and inspires. No trivia or quizzes yet.

About North to the Night In June Alvah Simon and his wife, Diana, set off in their foot sailboat to explore the hauntingly beautiful world of icebergs, tundra, and fjords lying high above the Arctic Circle. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

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Praise "This is truly an adventure story—an intense and gripping exploration of the extreme reaches of the outer and inner world. Looking for More Great Reads? As if that can be used as an excuse to continuously risk your life and the life of others? He deserves to die.

North to the Night: A Year in the Arctic Ice

He obviously survived because he lived to tell the tale. He must be alive for some reason. As a reader, the main character is someone who the reader should either identify with or feel sympathy for because the point is to root for him along his journey. I was rooting for the cat to make it more than I was for Simon.

I hate to admit it, but I really wanted him to die. Now, if I saw Simon in person, or if my words somehow made it back to him, this is how I feel about it now, after much thought: I do care if you make it. I do want to see how this story ends. I look forward to your writing, but I also look forward to a better conclusion — because it was lacking here. Fewer still have lived to tell the tale.

North To The Night: A Spiritual Odyssey In The Arctic

Almost none of those could write. Your story has a place in the canon of Far North Literature.

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It exists in the Universe for a reason. I had to look away when you become a self-proclaimed philosopher and roll my eyes because there are things that are noteworthy. The discovery of his self-worth is what makes this novel a spiritual journey, because in essence he was lacking a degree of consciousness even though his intellect was high.

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There is a light of hope when on pages he announces that he has matured spiritually, which I can allow him to deign on himself. He begins to understand how life is only based on observation and senses and realizes that he wears masks as the Inuit do, as reported by Jean Malaurie see previous review.