Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas (A Neighborlee, Ohio, Story Book 2)

All's Fae in Love and Chocolate - 1. Glori loved working with children--and not just because children produced magic that fed her own Fae magic. But when her magic started going wonky and all her maintenance spells for the daycare started working backwards, not even her Fae administrato The hardest thing Nikki has ever done is go home to Tabor Heights, to the people who know how far she fell, and the hearts she broke.

Working for the Arc Foundation, she is to assess the Mission for funding.

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She refuses to fail the God who has forgiv Meruk's quest to find other Hoveni continues as he heads out into the desert, following clues and legends of hiding places deep under the shifting sands. His journey is impeded by the elements, and by the foolishness of greedy Humans who can't even b Zygradon Chronicles - 5. Awakened from magical sleep, Emrillian Warhawk grew up in the modern, technological world of Moerta, years away from Quenlaque and Lygroes.

There, the legends of Athrar Warhawk and Quenlaque, Braenlicach and the Zygradon were nothing but fancifu Dani decided early in life that God called her to ministry and music -- not to marriage. Anyway, she s too busy with work, school, and the band Firesong, to worry about a boyfriend coming between her and God.

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Kurt returns to Tabor Heights to set up f Tirian grew up knowing she would inherit her mother's duties as village wise woman, but without inheriting her mother's magical gifts. It didn't help that her mother insisted Tirian herself was magic.

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When an enemy wizard killed her mother, she despa Absence makes the heart Tony and Max were best friends, writing partners. People swore he didn't know she was a girl and she didn't know he was a boy.

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A chance meeting with Amanda Spaulding, the first 'victim' of the curse, has Frank's heart beating a bit faster and his libido shifting into gear. His first three adventure novels have won critical acclaim and several awards. Cowboy and all around good guy, Cade Weston is a born and raised Montana boy. Lacy Lovett marked it as to-read Feb 03, Albeit, life in Neighborlee isn't what most people would call normal.

When Tony went away for a few months, he realized that empty place inside was Max-sh Maurice used his Fae magic to help the downtrodden and abused. But when he went too far, the Power-that-be decided he needed to learn humility, self-restraint, and mercy. They took away most of his magic, shrunk him down to 5 inches, and slapped wing Jeannette Marshall married Brody Evans despite the in-laws. Their love was deeper, stronger than what she felt for Nathan Lewis, her orphanage "big brother. Lisa thought she walked into her marriage with her eyes wide open, aware of the hard task of getting the approval of her cold, domineering father-in-law.

When she discovered she was pregnant, she thought she would finally be accepted, but Todd's reac Officer Mike will do whatever it takes to get closer to Rec Director Trina, even put on swim trunks and help beginning swimmers at the city pool. Jake follows Bailey to church, his first Sunday in Tabor.

Daniel Morgan's past returned to haunt him when a freshman girl showed up wearing his college sweetheart's face. Lynette Tyler was determined not to face her past, when she learned her daughter's favorite new teacher was the man she had forced out of The long-awaited sequel to Wolves on the West Side. Be careful what you wish for! Aggie, Brody and Lara learn the hard way that tampering with magic and investigating without the guidance of their mysterious guardian, Anton Dorayn, leads to big probl Meghianna was chosen as the next Queen of Snows before she was born.

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Megassa, her sister, should never have been born. Mrillis watches both daughters of the Warhawk as they grow up and choose the paths of their lives. They could be part of the fulfil Cinden Lai is a firstborn, a member of the Hunt. She found sanctuary with a reclusive old woman when the Hounds of Hamin brought her to Earth, but now her dreams and the increasing storms make her think it is time to leave her safe haven and seek out You've read about the hit Tri-V series "Hoven Quest.

Refugees from the Downfall Wars, separated by centuries of spaceflight, clash on a far distant world. Caught between them are Tayree -- native, Wind Walker, visionary, and a recent widow -- and Arin, a foundling raised by the invading Colonists. A new enemy arises to challenge Mrillis and Ceera as they battle plagues, an unknown enemy and treachery within the Noveni and Rey'kil alliance. Has the Nameless One survived, or has someone else taken his power?

Endor's sister, Triska, is Ceera's The planet Vidan, presumed to be the center of First Civ's government, degraded into a world ruled by superstition and fear, filled with petty city-states, and battles fought with gunpowder and swords. Tales of traveling to the stars were considered Legend says the planet Gemar once belonged to the Hoveni, a race of shapeshifters. Hoveni and Humans lived together in peace until the Set'ri decided to exterminate anything that didn't meet their definition of what a Human should be. Day and Knight-Glori loved children.

What could be more natural than a Fae running a daycare center? Then her magic started to go terribly wrong, threatening her daycare.

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Lance Knight lived under a curse and needed the kiss of a Faerie princess to cu A freak storm dumped two battered children into a river in the Cleveland Metroparks. No clue to their identity or why anyone tried to kill them. Yet that mystery was nothing compared to the secrets the girls protected. Lara could work minor magic, th Dawn has been alone for six years, growing up in an orphanage, waiting for her family to show up. Waiting for Stayn, her betrothed, her best friend. But a crime boss who thinks Dawn has information stolen from him might just stop her quest before it A year in the life…Roommates Bekka, Kat, and Amy had a lot in common: Theater students, pursuing writing careers, supporting each other in crises and heartaches.

Amy kept breaking up with her boyfriend. Kat never dated a boy more than twice. Bain and the first generation of Scouts go on a training flight with the first Scout ship, but it turns into their first official rescue mission. Sunsinger has been damaged. Ganfer could be destroyed Gemar, a lost colony, former member of the Conclave, now a member of the Commonwealth. A world with legends of shapeshifters.

Someone wants to force Gemar to re-join the Conclave. Someone wants it badly enough to kill hundreds of people. A colony world lost during the Downfall, Aramar is in a strategic spot between the Commonwealth and Conclave. Both galactic civilizations want Aramar to join them.

Trouble is brewing, and the crew of "Sunsinger" is asked by the Commonwealth Council t It was the chance of a lifetime, to visit Centralis, home of the Commonwealth Council and the Commonwealth Upper University. While Lin testified about Sunsinger's visit to the Mashrami home planet, Bain explored the grounds of the university with his Commonwealth history says part of the reason for the Downfall was because some people were classed as mutants and made into slaves, and the slaves eventually rebelled.

Bain and Lin go on an exploring mission and meet Leapers - descendants of people Faxinor Chronicles - 2. Lorien vows to do whatever it takes to serve Reshor and protect her pregnant sister, Andrixine, the Sword Bearer. Even if it means making a loveless political marriage. She learns that the game of politics and courtly manners is a harsher duty than s When Prince Charming turns out to be a lying, murdering cheat, what can a princess with only plantwise magic do?

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At Princess Vevina's christening, she was betrothed to Prince Fallon and received plantwise magic as a gift. To a nation of farmers, that The colonists on Chorillan had secrets. Their mistake was hiding those secrets from the Scout Corps, especially when children were in danger. Scout Captain Ian Fieran and his team are hunting Gen'gineers-geneti Sunsinger's crew joins the Rangers on a mission of mercy where time is the enemy -- along with a plague created by the alien Mashrami. Bain and Lin help to deliver medicine to hopefully prevent and cure the plague.

When they come to a planet where th Bain and Lin meet up with Sister High Scholar Marnya, a member of the Order of Kilvordi - the Church scholars and scientists who brought civilization back from the destruction of the Downfall and took Humans back into space. Marnya needs their help o Faxinor Chronicles - 1. When Andrixine falls ill and spends the winter recovering in Snowy Mount, a community of holy folk, scholars and healers, she never dreams it will be the first step of an adventure that will change her life. But her illness came from a murder attempt Bain and Lin meet up with Ranger Captain Gilmore again.

Gil has an important mission for Sunsinger's crew: The only problem is, Lin has to get Sunsinger very close to the aliens in o Bain's prayers were answered: Captain Lin Fieran wanted him to stay on Sunsinger and be her crew for another evacuation trip to Lenga. When they got there, everyone had already been evacuated, so they went to the next world in the path of the Mashram Bain Kern wanted to crew a starship and explore the galaxies.

Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas

But an orphan on a colony world in the path of an alien invasion had no real hope of his dreams ever coming true. Then he met Captain Lin Fieran of "Sunsinger. A traveling exhibit of Egyptian artifacts is threatened by thieves. Items borrowed from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan are dependent on the policies of the lending library. Nicolette Bresson never thought she'd return to the de Vincents' bayou compound.

It's where her parents work, where Nikki grew up Yet here she is, filling in for her sick mother. Avoiding Gabe should be easy, especially when so muc The de Vincent brothers are back--and so is the intrigue that surrounds them--in New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout's sizzling new novel. A Collection of Horror- Volume 4.

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