RT: Vol. 3: Chapter 2: Change Agents: Building Bridges over Resistance (The Refractive Thinker)

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Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Nonprofit boards may use existing instruments, such as the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and a modified version of the Rokeach Value Survey, which was used in this study, in the assessment and selection of transformational leaders with strong value systems.

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The Importance of Inclusiveness For many who are in a position of leadership and influence, the management of change simply involves a discussion regarding the what component of the equation: The Refractive Thinker Press is an established brand, doing an incredible job marketing the books and authors on social media. Cheryl is a special leader and visionary, a strong APA editor, and evolving publisher, and a great speaker. Further leadership research may provide additional insights on the relationship of leadership styles and values of chief executives. The previous views of traditional retirements are no longer valid and a new transformational retirement is emerging. See our Returns Policy.

Further leadership research may provide additional insights on the relationship of leadership styles and values of chief executives. Becoming an Agent of Transformation Author s: The analysis will explain how innovation, ingenuity, and motivation enable leaders to effectively lead organizations and create an atmosphere of excitement.

The analysis will also explore the creativity, critical thought, and effective leadership of past leaders.

The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. III: Change Management | The Refractive Thinker

An agent of transformation lesson will be that effective leadership is during chaotic times and uncertainty. The transformation of retirement blends a combination of life planning and wellness topics to provide a whole person view on how to prepare for this transition. Through careful case study analysis, a new model, for retirement is unfolding. The previous views of traditional retirements are no longer valid and a new transformational retirement is emerging. As the Baby Boomers head toward retirement and the taboo truths about retirement are revealed, society can become empowered to understand retirement and utilize retirees more effectively.

The United States population is at a critical turning point in families, organizations and as a society as the Baby Boomers retire. This chapter provides solutions to this challenging life transition and its societal impact. Schools have little control over the individual needs of students and the economic conditions within a community. Regardless, educational leaders must meet the needs of all students to improve individual student performance Ramirez, Therefore, educational organizations must change to meet the varied demands of funding limitations, student need, and student learning.

This article proposes two strategies administrators can use to mange imposed change and to manage a long-term remediation plan to improve student performance. An imposed change is required when an educational organization needs an urgent change in policy and practice for immediate success. A long-term remediation plan is purposeful in developing programs that align curriculum, instruction, and assessment within a school through communities of practice.

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Successful change management begins with effective leader-follower relationship. Effective leader-follower relationship leads to effective team performance. Although the results of Fan study showed no significant correlation between the variables congruent values, leadership styles, and team performance, the results showed that strong agreement was indicated among interviewed participants with regard to the importance of having the values of integrity, trustworthiness, the ability to listen to others, respect for others, courage, persistence, and exemplarity in themselves and in their leaders.

The findings may be applicable to leaders who proactively search for an opportunity to implement constructive changes to improve effectiveness in teams. Executive coaching has been implemented by organizations as a leadership development strategy that enhances skills and knowledge related to self-awareness improving individual performance. Leaders are aware that internal and external changes are the state of business today. Change is inevitable and people and business will resist for as long as possible for fear of the unknown or simply wanting to maintain the status quo.

Change is not only resisted within the organizational structure but also in leadership development strategies. An Anthology of Higher Learning.

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The intent is to provide a forum for these authors to share their thoughts and expertise as they contribute to our expanse of knowledge in pursuits of the tenets of and philosophies of higher learning. These individual contributions included a Peer Review Board.

As a society, we often find ourselves between the dichotomies of either thinking within the box thinking or outside of the box critical thinking. As a result, this series highlights the ability of these doctoral scholars to bend thought, to converge its very essence on the ability to obliquely pass through the perspective of another. The goal is to ask and ponder the right questions; to dare to think differently, to find new applications within unique and cutting edge dimensions, ultimately to lead where others may follow or to risk forging perhaps a new path entirely.

The Lentz Leadership Institute presents this award winning collection of the works of ten scholarly authors affiliated with various institutions of higher learning to include topics such as: Judy Fisher-Blando ,; Change Agents: Building Bridges over Resistance Dr. Woodruff , Change Agent Attributes: Pillars of Leadership Effectiveness Dr.

Sarantopoulos ; Becoming an Agent of Transformation Dr. Maria Malayter ; Educational Organizations: Fan ; Executive Coaching: Dionne Kress ; and Strategic Change Management: The Importance of Inclusiveness Dr.